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Hallo, I will be travelling to Koln in October for a few days and was wondering if there is a good cycling shop aimed at road cyclists near downtown Koln. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.

Danke! Peter (Canada)

Hi and welcome, I would suggest to ask this question in a German cycling forum, because this wiki is currently not edited frequently by more than two users. Sadly the regular editors (me inclusive) are not from Cologne.
There are two huge German-speaking road cycling forums, like and the Tour-Magazin forum (, (more general) is also warmly recommend. If you are experienced in using the Usenet (especially the newsgroup de.rec.fahrrad), that could also be a way to get more information. Best wishes and have fun in Cologne, --Diamant talk 12:31, 18. Sep. 2008 (UTC)
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